Botany 2005 - Scientific Meeting

Learning From Plants
Austin, Texas
August 13 - 17, 2005
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Botany 2005 will provide the opportunity for presenters to deliver computer-based presentations as a standard presentation option.

The Pentium IV laptops that will be provided for the Conference use Windows XP Pro and MS Office XP suite including PowerPoint. The PowerPoint application will handle older versions as well as MacIntosh saved as a 2000 or earlier version file. Adobe Acrobat, Quicktime, Realplayer will be on the laptops as well.

For computer presentations, files should be prepared as CD ROMs or on Thumb Drives. A centralized network will also be available and presenters should make time to pre-load their presentations on to the network well before their scheduled session time.

Be sure and double check your presentation for accuracy in the Presentation Ready Room before your scheduled presentation time.


The full list of specifcations on the laptops is:
PentiumIV 2.0Ghz, 256Mb Ram,
DVD/CDRW Combo Roms,
64Mb Video
10/100 Ethernet
(3) USB Ports
Windows XP Pro/with latest service packs
MS Office XP Suite/with PowerPoint
Adobe Acrobat
Windows Media Player


For specific technical questions regarding your presentation, please feel free to contact me at

Questions About Botany Meetings should be directed to: BSA Meetings Manager:
Johanne Stogran
Botanical Society of America Meetings Office
2813 Blossom Ave
Columbus, OH 43231
Tele: (614) 899-9356 - Fax: (614) 895-7866 - E-mail:
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