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Pandey, Vashist [1].

Underutilized Plants: Holistic Wealth Security of World.

The Underutilized plant species are rich potential of world, which is to be bioprospected for all-potential lies in them. There are numerous plants, which are particularly well adapted to specific sites and agricultural production systems. This category includes crops like yams, the 'Inca wheat' quinoa, and many species of tropical fruits and vegetables. The reasons for the underutilization of such species vary: it may be that their useful traits are not well known; perhaps hidden capacity, or a lack of interest on the part of agricultural research. Until the beginning of the 20th century, wide ranges of locally adapted crop varieties were available to farmers. The diversity contributed to the security of the food supply and helped to safeguard people's livelihoods. Nowadays, the bulk of the world's food is derived from just a few species. The three major cereals – wheat, rice and maize – supply more than half of the global protein and calorie intake. Relatively few modern varieties are planted on every continent, accounting for almost three-quarters of the land under cultivation, where they have supplanted the diversity that once existed.   It is important to retain a broad genetic base of our underutilized plant species /major crops to allow breeding activities to adapt plants in changing environmental conditions, market requirements or new pests and diseases. At the same time, increasing the number of species in agricultural systems helps to raise their all-important buffer capacity. Therefore, Conservation and Sustainable Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources makes specific reference to promoting development and commercialization of underutilized crops and species.Detailed discriptions submitted later. 

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1 - Botanical Society of America, USA

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Session: W02, Underutilized Plants: Holistic Wealth Security of World
Location: San Luis 2/Starr Pass
Date: Sunday, July 28th, 2019
Time: 8:00 AM
Number: W02001
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