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Gibson, Phil [1].

Using HHMI Videos and Data Points As Tools For Engaging Students From Molecules to Ecosystems.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) BioInteractive provides more than biomedical focused educational resources. They include a number of resources focused on plant and ecological resources as well. HHMI BioInteractive Videos and Data Points can be used to develop case studies and other educational experiences that introduce topics, explore concepts, and build skills. This workshop will guide participants through examples of how these resources can be used and then focus on learning processes for developing their own similar activities.
The objective for this workshop is to demonstrate how short videos and "data point" resources can be used to engage students in meaningful active learning activities that use minimal text and figures to not only explore a topic, but also provide development of critical skills in critical thinking, data literacy, and the scientific process. Video resources provide background information in an engaging, information-rich format whose short structure makes them useful as a vehicle for case studies. Likewise, data points can be a brief immersive experience for a topic that engages student in the real process of interpreting experimental results and developing evidence-based conclusions. In this session, participants will engage with examples of both data points and using a video in a mini-case study. They will then learn about the different formats and approaches for delivery and development of similar resources. After this initial introduction, participants will work in small groups to explore available HHMI resources and begin to develop their own skills and abilities to use them most effectively. 
HHMI BioInteractive resources to be used can be found at[0]=26704 and Upon completing the session, participants will have tools and a framework necessary to develop and use not only HHMI videos and data points but also similar resources from their own research or other sources.

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1 - University of Oklahoma, Microbiology & Plant Biology, Norman, OK, 73019, USA

STEM Education
Case Study
Data Points
Video Case Study.

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Session: W05, Using HHMI Videos and Data Points As Tools For Engaging Students From Molecules to EcosystemsUsing HHMI Videos and Data Points As Tools For Engaging Students From Molecules to Ecosystems
Location: San Pedro 1/Starr Pass
Date: Sunday, July 28th, 2019
Time: 8:00 AM
Number: W05001
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